If you have a bucket list of the places that you would be visiting in this world, Manila, Philippines should definitely be on the list. Manila, the capital of Philippines, is a place that offers fairly priced tourist attractions along with comfortable accommodations. Visiting Philippines would be the most memorable adventure trip of your lifetime. Also, you have access to various locations in and around Philippines which would add an exciting touch to your trip. People mostly prefer this trip because it wouldn’t put a hole in their pocket. The capital city of Philippines is rich in history due to the number of wars they faced.
Manila, now a flourishing city, has tourist destinations that reminds of the city’s rich history and heritage. Intramuros is one such district inside Manila which showcases the ancient architecture that has influenced from the past. Fort Santiago is a defense fortress for Intramuros which is one of the must visit tourist destination in Philippines. Apart from the architecture and history related destinations, parks in Manila are an excellent place that gives you an opportunity to break from the routine work life. Rizal Park, which was named after the country’s hero, is one of the prominent parks in the entire city. Close to Rizal Park is the Manila Bay, a place that is well suited for nature lovers. One can spend a quality tie by watching the sunset.
Getting around the city of Manila is not at all a problem. Having various modes of transportation that does not cost much will help you take the trip. One can look for the help of ‘jeepneys’ which would take the tourist in various routes covering all the important destinations in Manila. Local buses are quite affordable which will help you commute around the city.To escape from the heavy traffic, avoid starting your trip during the rush hour.