Manila is one of the most happening places to visit in South East Asia. Manila is the place to be in if you looking for a holiday destination that wouldn’t drill a hole in your pocket. Manila has umpteen numbers of attractions and tourist hot spots that you must consider visiting, when on a trip to this bustling city.
Intramuros which is also termed as the government’s seat during the Spanish era is one of the spectacles of this city, thanks to its intricately designed architecture. Fort Santiago is also one of the most sought after sites which are considered to be the fortress of defense for Intramuros. The Intramuros is one of the living examples of the rich history which Manila, Philippines possesses. If you wish to spend time in the midst of the greenery, Manila is blessed with a number of parks of which the Rizal Park is quite famous and it exists to honour Philippines’ hero, Jose Rizal. There are several other parks that dot the Manila Bay and provide the perfect spot to admire sunset for free!
The city of Manila is also gaining ground as a tourist spot where one can simply relax and recuperate. Thanks to the umpteen numbers of massage centers and spas, you can simple bust the stress out of yourself at dead cheap prices. Talking about accommodation, the hospitality sector in Manila is on the boom and you have a lot of options for you to choose from. Based on your budget, you could choose an apt hotel to make your holiday a comfortable one.
If you wondering as to what are the modes of transportation that Manila has, the ‘jeepneys’ come to your rescue. You could also consider taking a ride in the luxurious AC buses. In a nutshell, Manila is a place where you get to relax and enjoy at a pocket-friendly price.