Manila, being the capital of Philippines, is one among the metropolitan cities that is gaining prominence as a commercial hub of south-east Asia. Known as the country’s commercial hub, there are umpteen numbers of job opportunities in the entire country. The city of Manila holds a rich culture and heritage with ancient architectures and landmarks. Manila is a populated city and stands as the 5th in terms of population. Every story that we hear from the people of Manila bears a history. One can find beautiful places and picturesque locations in the land of Manila with a story.
In ancient times, Manila was called as the Kingdom of Namayan and Kingdom of Tondo, as Tondo was its capital then. Other famous names used were Gintu and the Land of Gold. The city of Manila still has traces of the foreign cultures because of the invasion that happened in historic times. Marking the Spanish invasion, Cabilido Street has a hint of Spanish culture in it. Manila Bay is another landmark that has the traces of Filipinos which reminds of the war that took place between them. Manila, with a modern touch is now a city of different cultures.
The oldest ever Archidiocese of Manila is one of the prominent places in the city. Other places that should be visited in Manila are churches run by different religions. Visiting them would give you an idea of how great each religion is. San Augustin Church is one of the famous churches and is given maximum interest among the churches in the city. Apart from this, Manila also has Buddhist, Taoist temples, A Golden mosque, a Hindu temple and a synagogue. Other than this, many sightseeing places speak of Manila’s history. If you are up for a religious trip, then Manila is the best place to understand different religions.