If you are in search of a Christian institution in which to study theological related courses then the Philippines Christian University is one institution that you really have to consider. This Christian institution is based in the Philippines. It is located right at the capital, Manila. It began in 1946 as a result of the hard work of laymen of the Evangelical Association of the Philippines. The institution is a protestant related university so you really need to take note of that, just so you do not get confused.

An American bishop called Edwin Lee was actually one of the people who played a part in order for this university to get started. He was bishop of the Methodist Episcopal Church, which was a major church in America. This man envisioned a Christian or rather theological institution in Manila, the capital city of the Philippines.

The laymen of the evangelical association in the Philippines actually agreed to the proposal of this American bishop and with that, they started to set up a foundation. The foundation was meant to bring up an institution for theology, one that would uphold Christian values, alongside grooming people to become evangelists, teachers of the word of God, or simply just people who will become custodians of the laws of Christianity.

Due to the corporation of institutions, the Philippines Christian University extended to join up with other schools that were actually protestant and this rather led to the development of a large union of protestant institutions. Every institution operated as an individual though and that has gone on to date. The merger was not supposed to mean that the institutions in question get under one administration as you might have probably understood in the previous statements. This institution has through the years, grown to become a force to be reckoned with.