Philippines the Asian hub for everything that ranges from manufacturing industries to being an exotic vacation destination, it has come a long way in finding its place in the world map. It is also slowly on its way to achieving its goal of quality religious education thanks to the Philippine Christian University. The Philippine Christian University has always taken pride in implementing the best of religion and philosophy among its students. There are several courses starting right from primary school till the doctorate level. The wide ranges of courses aren’t just religious in nature, they are designed and taught in such a way that the students here, benefit in a terms of being better humans and not just academicians or preachers. The thing about studying here is that it is advantageous in every way possible i.e. you can get a degree at the end of your study and enjoy learning from some of the most prominent faculties in Philippines.
Their patronage lies with the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Christ in the Philippines, and they have continuously made sure that the standards are maintained. They are the pioneers in imparting seminary programs and have evolved into one of the sought after in the country. It is not just the books that matter here, they have an active athletics group which goes by the name- the PCU dolphins and they also have their very own student publishing namely Blue and Silver. There are so many things PCU is known for, and if you join here you could probably make it known for something other than what’s already present, because that is the kind of inspiration you will derive here. Philippine Christian University is present all across Philippines although its first building is in the capital city, Manila.