Welcome to Manila, Philippines, the capital city. Manila is a place where most of the Filipinos realize their dreams. One can find plenty of work opportunities in Manila known to be the commercial hub of the Philippines. In terms of population, Manila is the 2nd largest populated city in the Philippines with more than 1.6 million inhabitants. The population is covered within an area of 38.55 sq. Kms, thereby making Manila as one of the most densely populated city all over the world.

There are many prominent landmarks to be seen in Manila such as the Archdiocese of Manila which is the country’s oldest Archdiocese, a number of churches, Buddhist & Taoist temples, Golden Mosques, Hindu Temples, Synagogue for Jewish etc. Other popular spots to be seen are Rizal Park, where the national hero Dr. Jose Rizal was shot. You can also visit the national museum, the national library, department of tourism, Japanese and Chinese gardens etc.