The Philippine Christian University or PCU

The Philippine Christian University or PCU (a private university) in Manila was established in 1946 by the Laymen of the Evangelical Association, Philippines. It was a college named Philippine Christian College (PPC) that acquired university status in 1976.

In 1945, an American missionary Bishop envisioned a Christian college and in 1946, Laymen of the Evangelical Association, Philippines decided to found the college.

The original name of the PCU was Manila Union University and later, it was changed to PPC or Philippine Christian College. After acquiring the University status in 1976, the Philippine Christian University and Union Theologically seminary merged together in 1978 under the third president of PCU, Dr. Lino Q. Arquiza. During his time, the growth and expansion of the university was impressive.

Today, the Philippines Christian University is one of the major protestant universities in Manila. Some of the major courses of the PCU include public administration, office administration, economics, management, marketing, computer science, information technology, computer engineering, biology, political science, hotel management and tourism.